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CHPC Fall 2017 Presentation Schedule is now available

Date Posted: August 3rd, 2017

The CHPC Fall presentation Schedule is now posted at

The presentations are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting the second week of the fall semester.  

  • The presentations are open to all, whether or not you have a CHPC account
  • No registration
  • The presentations are 1-2pm; if hands-on they are 1-3pm.
  • You can either attend in person (held in the INSCC Auditorium. which is room 110) or remotely via skype using the link that is (or will be) provided on the individual presentation links.
  • For the hands on presentations, we recommend attending in person if possible.

The one exception to the above points is the XSEDE HPC monthly  workshops: we are a satellite site for these workshops. Registration with XSEDE ( is required, and you must attend in person at the INSCC auditorium. Registration information will be added to each individual presentation when it is available, typically about 1 month before the workshop.  These run from 9am-3pm with an hour break for lunch. 

Last Updated: 8/18/17