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CHPC Downtime - September 28th, starting at 6:30 a.m.

Date Posted: September 13th, 2017

CHPC Downtime -- Thursday Sept 28 starting at 6:30am.  

During this downtime, ALL CHPC resources will be unavailable due to an upgrade to the Arista network switch.   

Once the work on the network switch is complete we will then continue with additional items, including the migration of both the HPC home directories (the free, defalut 50GB home directories in the general environment) and the CHPC application file system (/uufs/ and /uufs/chcp/32bit-sys) to the new Compellent gear.  The initial copy of these spaces have already been made, but  the final sync has to occur when no one is accessing either of these file systems.

Additional work that will be completed includes the relocation of some gear to free up space to allow for future file system expansions, updates on the cluster nodes, updates to Kachina and Swasey, and replacement of power taps that have a high failure rate.

Reservations are in place on all of the clusters such that any job with a wall time that will not allow for completion before 9/28 at 6:30am will not start.

Impact to users:

  • Starting 6:30am – no access to all CHPC resources
  • Once work on the Arista networking switch and the power tap replacement is complete access to VMs will be enabled.  We estimate that this will be by about 10-11am.  Note that any VM that make use of the CHPC application tree OR the CHPC HPC home directory space will not be functional. Users will be notified at this point.
  • Access to the remaining CHPC resources will not be allowed until the remainder of the scheduled work has been completed. We estimate this will be early in the evening. Again a note will be sent out when resources are again available for use.

Before downtime: 

Please close all sessions that access CHPC resources, including FastX and Remote desktop sessions

After Downtime:

The move of the HPC home directories will require all users in this space who mount their home directories on local machines update their  mount points.  Additional information on these mount points will be provided once the work has been completed.

If you do not know if your home directory is on this space, you can find out by doing a "df ~".

This command returns a path /uufs/drycreek/common/drycreek-vg6-0-lv1/hpc/<Unid> where the important part is that highlighted in red. If your path has hpc at that point, then your home directory was relocated.

Additional instructions on how to find this information on under “Direct Mounts of CHPC file systems” or in the training video on “Mapping a network drive” (see links at

CHPC recommends that anyone who has difficulty mounting CHPC spaces reboots their local machine to see if this resolves the issue.  If not, please report the problem to

Last Updated: 9/13/17