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Call for content for CHPC's SC19 booth

Posted: September 26, 2019

 SC19 will be held November 17-22.  Once again, CHPC will have a  booth on the exhibition floor at which we will showcase CHPC and the research accomplished with our resources. For the last several years we have been putting together a slideshow of research highlights provided by different groups and we would like to do this again.  We would love to be able to showcase the diversity of the research that CHPC resources support.  We prefer single images or short videos – each with a title, a list of authors (could be the group name), and paragraph describing the work.  We can also use posters.

 In addition, we will use this material to refresh the content for the rotating research highlights we have on our website, in the center of the three panels in the main body of the page.

 In order to have time to put together the slideshow, we would like to have the  content by Friday November 1. Please send any contributions directly to Anita Orendt at

Please let Anita know if you have any questions.

Last Updated: 9/26/19