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Student Summer Research Opportunities

Date Posted: November 30th, 2016

We have been made aware of several summer research programs available for undergraduate students (and in cone cases graduate students also) that may be of interest.

For undergraduate students:

  1. Michigan State University  has a summer 2017 REU (research experience for undergraduates) program with computationally focused research opportunities in a number of disciplines.  See for additional details
  2. Blue Waters Internship Program – this involves attending a two week Petascale Institute in May 2017 and then working on a project (with an assigned mentor) over the summer and the following academic year;  see details

For both undergraduates and graduate students, there is the SIParCS program at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, CO.  See for details  

Last Updated: 1/4/17