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Virtual Machines

CHPC operates and maintains two virtual machine farms which are available to researchers. One is for general use, and one is for researchers working with sensitive data, such as Protected Health Information (PHI). 

General VM Farm

This primary VM farm is comprised of 6 Dell R815 servers:

  • 4x AMD Opteron 6134 procs (8 x 2.3 GHz cores each, 32 cores total) per server
  •  4 servers with  256 gbytes RAM and 2 servers with 384GB
  • 2x two-port Intel 10-Gigabit NICs 

The storage is comprised of 72 2TB 7200rpm SAS drives.

For more information about access and allocation of the general VM farm, please see:

Protected VM Farm


The VM farm in the new PE (Prismatic) is comprised of four Dell R730 servers, each with:

  • 24  3GHz cores (2x Intel 2687W-v4) 
  • 384GB RAM 
  • 2x 40G ethernet cards

Prismatic storage is comprised of a disk tray containing:

  • 12x 3.8TB  SSDs (not encrypted)
  • 12x 2TB self encrypting 7.2K spinning drives

Note that the PE group space can also be used in conjunction with any Prismatic VM. 

Accounting for fail-over and maintenance, this provides total usable resources of:

  • 96 3GHz cores
  • 1.1TB RAM 
  • 30TB SSD storage
  • 16TB encrypting spinning storage

Pricing of PE VMs:

With the replacement of the VM hardware in the PE, VMs will no longer be free, unless the project that the VM is supporting is NIH funded (since the hardware was obtained as part of a NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant). The VM pricing model is based on a block sizing increment, with five different block sizes available, and the cost  based on the cost of the hardware and the number of blocks available to sell. The prices are for the warranty lifetime of the VM hardware, which was purchased with a 5 year warranty. CHPC will offer to deploy a VM for a trial period of up to 6 months free of charge (provided that the VM does not require substantial customization).

  VM description
Blocks RAM (GB) Cores Storage (GB) Price
1 4 2 50 $350
2 8 2 100 $700
4 16 4 200 $1400
8 32 8 400 $2800
16 64 8 800 $5600


By default, the storage used will be the SSD, unless the project requires the use of encrypted storage. Note that when the VM hardware is replaced, VMs for NIH funded projects will no longer be available at no cost.

Additional VM storage is available, in 100GB increments, at a cost of $1000/TB for SSD storage and $300/TB for encrypted spinning storage. 

All of the above pricing are internal rates, for University of Utah research projects. Contact CHPC at for pricing for non University of Utah research funded projects.

In addition to the above pricing,  there will be additional charges for customization, beyond the base VM installation, at a rate of $75/hour.  Please work with CHPC to obtain an estimate of the cost of a VM deployment. 

Last Updated: 3/13/18