CHPC White Papers

On this page we will provide links to a set of white papers, reports or guides written about different aspects of CHPC services or systems.

  • CHPC Pando Archive Storage
    Pando is an Ceph based object storage system which is CHPC's disk based archive storage solution.  It is a 1 PB space on which groups can purchase space.  This document discusses the design and configuration of this space.  Additional information about Pando and the other storage offerings available at CHPC can be found on the CHPC website.
  • CHPC Group Space Storage
    The architecture and design process of the CHPC group space offering is described in this document. The paper discusses design considerations as well as presenting limitations of the offering.
  • Intel Skylake CPU review
    An overview of the Intel Xeon CPU released in July 2017 along its performance comparison to older CPUs on select synthetic and real application benchmarks.
  • Juno (JupyterHub) Architecture
    An overview of the architecture behind CHPC's new JupyterHub Service.


Last Updated: 11/7/18