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CHPC Software Documentation

One way to determine if we have a given package installed is via the module spider command.

If there is a software package  that you are interested in seeing installed, please let us by submitting a request via  You can also install software in your home directory; please let User Services know if you run into difficulties compiling or installing your own software. For more information see our Application Support Policy page.

The pages below are guides to some commonly used and popular software packages used on CHPC systems.

Status of the software licenses hosted by CHPC is at the license status webpage . Currently it includes only the licenses on our FlexLM servers. On this page you can see information on the license  (number of seats, what is licensed, expiration date). You can also see how many licenses are checked out and by whom.  Access is limited to campus IP space so if you are off campus you must use the campus VPN.

UPDATE - March 22, 2022:  We are starting the migration from CentOS7 to Rocky Linux8.  As we have information to share we will put it on this OS update page.


Software on Windows Statistic Servers

See the Beehive and Narwhal User Guides for a list of software installed on these servers.

Guides for Select Software Installations on HPC Clusters


Last Updated: 4/17/24