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Do you need more computing resources than CHPC can provide?

CHPC typically caps general allocation at 250,000 core hours per quarter.  If you need additional resources and do not want to purchase owner nodes on our clusters there are free national resources that you can explore. One such resource is the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE), which provides computing resources at a number of different partner institutions.  Anita Orendt is an XSEDE Campus Champion for the University, so you can contact her for more information.

In addition, you can look into the Open Science Grid (OSG), to see if this option is a good match for your jobs.  The OSG is ideal for high throughput workflows of relatively short (< 1 day) jobs that do not use MPI.  Note that you can get allocation on OSG resources through the XSEDE allocation process. 

Finally, for large scale computing needs, allocation requests can be made for time on NCSA's Blue Waters  system.

What if my research requires computing resources not listed?

The resources and services provided by CHPC are dynamic. This resource list is not meant to be all-inclusive, nor is every service necessarily  available. CHPC is always open to new ideas and intends to remain responsive as the faculty, technology and expertise change and grow. If a researcher thinks he or she could use CHPC support, even if the resource is not listed here, we encourage the researcher to explore it with us. Please email us at to set up a meeting with our director.

Last Updated: 8/26/19