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Protected Environment - Move of home and project/group spaces - Jan 4, 2018 starting at 8am

Date Posted: December 21st, 2017

All users of the PE –

We will be  moving all content from the current PE home/group space (homerfs) onto the new storage purchased as part of the new PE (mammoth) on Thursday January 4th, starting at 8am.  The duration has yet to be determined.

During the migration users should be logged off of all PE resources, and not have any batch jobs running.  We will have a reservation in place on the apexarch nodes.

With the new PE home and group space we will be having quotas.  Quotas have not been used on homerfs.

  • The quota for the home directory will be 50GB per user.   There are a handful of users that are over this 50GB.  Between now and Jan 4 we request that you check your usage and clean up this space, making use of the project space for additional storage.
  • The per project quota (at no cost) on the new group space has not yet been determined. For now all of the current project space content will be migrated and temporary quotas will be put in place. Once the amount available per project at no cost has been determined,  we will work with the current groups that are using more than this amount. There will be the option to purchase additional projects space at a cost of $150/TB for the warranty lifetime of the storage hardware.  

A second change that is coming is the backup policy on this space.  Until the new backup policy is finalized, the current backup policy will be maintained, with both the home directory and group space being backed up.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this downtime, please email

Last Updated: 1/12/18