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Allocation Requests for Summer 2024 are Due June 1st, 2024

Date Published: May 1st, 2024

This is a reminder that proposals for allocation on the general  and protected environment allocation pool for the Summer 2024 allocation cycle are due by June 1st, 2024. If you are in your final quarter of an existing CHPC allocation you will also receive an email outside of this mailing list, letting you know that it is time for you to submit an allocation renewal request

Please NOTE that we have increased the maximum requested core hours per quarter for both the "small allocation request" and the "regular allocation request". The "small allocation request" has increased to 30,000 core hours per quarter while the "regular allocation request" has increased to 300,000.

Reminder that the allocation request process offers a simpler “small allocation request” application for requests up to 30,000 core hours per quarter – therefore there are two links provided at the bottom of this notice.

Finally, note that we have made several minor changes in the information being requested in the resources required, sources of funding, and results of previous CHPC support sections.

  1. Information on the allocation process and relevant forms are located online here:
  2. Your request may be for up to 4 quarters and in one of two categories, small or large.
  3. Please submit your request through our online system by going to one of:
    1. General Environment 
      1. If your request is for 30,000 Service Units per quarter or less, please use the small allocation request:
        Small Allocation Request Form
      2.  If your request is over 30,000 Service Units per quarter please use the regular allocation request:
        Regular Allocation Request Form
    2. Protected Environment Request Form
Last Updated: 5/1/24