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Spring 2018 CHPC Presentation Schedule

All presentations  are 1-2pm INSCC auditorium unless noted otherwise
Hands on presentations, marked with *, are 1-3pm.

The XSEDE HPC Monthly workshops set their own schedule but are typically from 9am-3pm with an hour break for lunch **


Presentation Title
Tuesday, January 9th XSEDE HPC Monthly Workshop: OpenMP ** Martin Cuma
Thursday, January 11th Overview of CHPC Anita Orendt
TuesdayJanuary 16th Hands on Introduction to Linux, part 1* Brett Milash & Wim Cardoen 
ThursdayJanuary18th Hands on Introduction to Linux, part 2* Brett Milash & Wim Cardoen 
TuesdayJanuary 23rd Hands on Introduction to Linux, part 3* Brett Milash & Wim Cardoen 
ThursdayJanuary 25th Hands on Introduction to Linux, part 4* Brett Milash & Wim Cardoen 
TuesdayJanuary 30th Overview of the Protected Environment Anita Orendt & Wayne Bradford
ThursdayFebruary 1st Introduction to the use of Modules Anita Orendt
TuesdayFebruary 6th Introduction to Slurm and Slurm Batch Scripts Anita Orendt
Wednesday & Thursday,
February 7th & 8th
XSEDE HPC Monthly Workshop: Big Data** Martin Cuma
TuesdayFebruary 13th Hands-on Introduction to Python, Part 1* Wim Cardoen & Brett Milash
ThursdayFebruary 15th Hands-on Introduction to Python, Part 2* Wim Cardoen & Brett Milash
TuesdayFebruary 20th Hands-on Introduction to Numpy/Scipy* Wim Cardoen & Brett Milash
ThursdayFebruary 22nd Introduction to the Use of Open Science Grid Resources Wim Cardoen
TuesdayFebruary 27th The use of R on the CHPC Resources* Wim Cardoen & Brett Milash
ThursdayMarch 1st Introduction to Containers Martin Cuma


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